Evaporator & Distillation Testing

Evaporator & Distillation Testing

Evaporator Testing

  • Stainless steel, vertical, long-tube evaporator with various tube diameters (1", 1.5" and 2") and tube lengths (10',15' and 20'). Unit may be operated as a recirculating long-tube falling film or as a down-flow evaporator.
  • Stainless steel, horizontal, submerged tube, forced circulation evaporator containing 2.8 square feet of heating surface.
  • Mechanically agitated thin film evaporator - 2.0 sq.ft.
  • Stainless steel RFC (rising film) or RRFC evaporators:
    • One (1)- 7.84 ft2, having six 1" OD 18 ga. tubes, 5'-0" long each (3 per pass)
    • One (1)- 15 ft2, having ten 1-1/2" OD 18 ga. tubes, 4'-0" long each (5 per pass)
    • One (1)- 39 ft2, having ten 1-1/2" OD 18 ga. tubes, 10'-0" long each (5 per pass


Plate Evaporators/Strippers

  • PPS 150, up to ten square feet of heating surface can be accommodated, using size 01 plates, complete with separator, condenser and decanter. The unit can be used as an evaporator, stripper, or stripper with steam and/or nitrogen injection. "Micro" unit same as above without decanter.


Distillation Column

  • 6" diameter, 29' high stainless steel distillation column. The tower contains a 10-foot section of structured packing (stripping section), a feed port located at the center of the column and an additional 10-feet of structured packing as a rectifying section.