Blender Testing

Blender Testing is available to our customers to develop new processes or experiment with existing processes in new formats. Our lab is available to help you discover new methods for your processing challenges. To date, over 9,000 successful tests have been performed in our lab, many providing new methods of processing, and all providing economical solutions for our valued customers.


List of Available Test Lab Equipment

  • 3.5 ft3 (99 liter) Tubular Vacuum Dryer, ultra-tight vacuum, 500 °F heating capability.
  • 2 ft3 (57 liter)Solids Processor, vacuum and heating packages, modifiable to operate at pressure.
  • 0.25 ft3 (7 liter)Mini-processor, portable unit with self-contained packages.
  • 8 inch continuous liquid/solids Zig Zag.
  • 10 cm continuous liquid/solids Zig Zag.
  • Blendmaster laboratory model with full functioning capabilities.