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Thermal Drying & Solidification

Buflovak Dryers and Flakers lead the way in drying and solidification solutions. Our process knowledge based on over 100 years of experience allows us to provide insight into your unique process and product needs.


Evaporation, Distillation & Separation

Buflovak has the process knowledge to customize innovative solutions for your separation needs. From simple water removal to complex solvent recovery and crystallization, we set the standard for separation.


Blending & Powder Processing

Patterson Kelley is the preeminent blending technology leader, having developed  V-blending technology  in the 1940s.  In the years since, PK has pioneered advancements in dryers, granulators, blenders and continuous processing.


Lab & Testing

Hebeler Process Solutions’ Buffalo laboratory has testing capabilities across all of our technologies to provide unique customized solution.  A fleet of rental units are available  when testing on your site is more efficient


 Service & Aftermarket Parts

Buflovak and Patterson Kelley's aftermarket field service and support of spare parts is second to none.